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What Makes Dogs Better Pets?


Cats and dogs are with no doubt some of the most common pets in most households. It may therefore be confusing to choose between a dog and a cat when choosing a pet. When choosing between a cat and a dog, one should be well aware that their natural behaviors and needs are totally different. The most important thing that one needs to know is that a pet who is compatible with your needs. Lifestyle as well as physical capabilities is always the best choice.

When it comes to exercise, a dog is with no doubt the best choice. This is for the reason that, cats enjoy being indoors while dogs are high activity level pets who love playing outdoors. A dog therefore requires routine exercise. By taking it for a walk, one is able to keep fit. If you are interested in a pet that can be trained, then dogs are the best choice. Training for cats usually involves not clawing furniture as well as using the litter box. Worth noting is that most cats resist training. On the other hand, dogs love pleasing people hence have an intrinsic desire to please you as far as training is in question. When it comes to training, dogs can easily learn basic commands while cats can be impossible to train. In terms of sociability, dogs tend to be more sociable with both humans and other dogs.

When it comes to smartness, a dog is probably the smarter pet. Come to think of it, have you ever heard of a dog that fell in a fish tank? However, this is quite common when cats are in question. When there is fire in your house, a dog will wake you up. What about a cat? It will quietly sneak out of the house and leave you there. When you come home from school or work, a dog will be excited to see you and will jump up and down while cats will not. As long as they get their food, your presence does not matter. Better still, a dog can offer one more protection than a cat would. Although a cat is an adorable pet, it is quite evident that, a dog would be a better pet as far as lifestyle and companionship is in question.

Amazing Puppy Birth !!


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