Cute Puppy in Gift Exchange: Tanks Uni & Priscilla!!!


Video Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “Cute Puppy in Gift Exchange: Tanks Uni & Priscilla!!!”

  1. Jennifer Blouin

    OMG it’s adorable

  2. Tara Buria

    i love your vedios and i love yorkies i have 2 like u my oldes one is 13
    years and the puppy is only 1 1/2

  3. Laura Mohanty

    Love your puppies! Peppermint is so adorable she’s a joy to watch and
    brightens up my day!

  4. Sandy Basiroen

    Poor dexter

  5. Pricilla Estrada

    Awwww so Adorabole

  6. Franklin Compton

    OMG !!! Fuman an Lilly my yorkies want to send Dex an Pep some gifts an we
    love your VIDEOS

  7. Morgan Moss

    Poor Dex 

  8. Roberto Algarin

    Peppermint is so cute.

  9. Fabiola Luna

    Poor dexter, he didn’t get nothing

  10. a27936

    press 9 for dexter!!!

  11. Cuterunie123

    im the 13,527 person to watch this…..

  12. Faatima Bee

    But I love DEX! Hes my #1 boy dog. PEP is my #1 girl dog 🙂

  13. lizokpomok

    Sorry, I sadly did not spell “Dexter’s” name correctly since my dog was
    jumping all over me.

  14. Cuterunie123

    pep is soooo adorable! i also like dexter. he is funny

  15. Daphne Lo

    Aww poor dexter no toys or him

  16. AnimalPaw1

    Can you check out my channel AnimalPaw1 plz I is a HUGE fan of your
    videos,I’ve seen every one:)

  17. britsluver

    OMG theys are soes cuteseseses

  18. Kimberly Puryear

    Too cute….

  19. Shannon Brown

    i love them

  20. mathew clerici

    you 2 are soooo cute. i wish you could visit my dogs.

  21. boltandbella

    peppermint is such a cutie pie! dexter is so funny 🙂

  22. Annaliselovescupcake

    so cue :3

  23. beauandpip

    i just love your show!!! can’t wait for the next episode

  24. albertas budreika


  25. Lawrence Rainbow

    What cute puppies!, love it!.