Dogo Argentino – Amazing Dog


Online video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Dogo Argentino – Amazing Dog”

  1. Maria Veiga

    Eu tenhoum dog argentino aqui no Brasil <3

  2. Mikaela Hampton

    what a disgusting video! very disappointing! seems as dogos are amazing

  3. Julia S

    I own a Blue Nosed Pit. They are not a ‘type’, they are not a different
    breed from the average Pit. The only distinction is their color and
    markings. The typical Blue has a beautiful bluish-gray hue, dark nose and
    some white on the chest area. They are just like any other Pit. If they are
    raised in a gentle environment they will become a gentle dog. Mine is the
    perfect example.I have kids and they all romp and play and she sleeps on
    the floor at the foot of my daughters bed.The bond is tight..

  4. CSmoCC

    Did you join the World Anti BSL Protest that happen saturday just passed?
    It was good way to try educate people the breed is not banned the physical
    appearance is what is banned.

  5. PhysioA

    If u look statistics of countries where all kind of dogs are, u will
    realise that bite attacks are more of the side of the so called familie
    dogs. Like Golden Retriever, Schnautzer and so on. Open your mind and do
    not act like an idiot. People should chance there art of view. Because
    Osama wears a beerd, do not mean all people with beerd are evil. Look to
    your politics, no one wears a beerd and? Dog to politic? Man how i come

  6. barberboyq

    Hugh you’re an idiot

  7. raskulfrmAZ

    Song is waaaakk

  8. TheRevolutionary465

    big boy at 0:41

  9. barberboyq

    Rap music equals promoting misuse of animals…Jesus what a douche

  10. sal7t5

    p.s. tune is wack

  11. alphaomega120381

    Vile making a mockery of a beautiful dog turning it into some kind of

  12. Hugh Dunnit

    why would you care who could win? dog fighting is wrong not to mention
    illegal. maybe you should go down to the gym and put on the gloves with
    somebody if you are so interested in fighting.

  13. animeisballing1

    they did breed bull terriers with the dogo but i mean it took them like 25
    years to finally get the dogo…look at dogs 101 to see how many they were
    breed with…but like you said they were breed to not be aggressive to
    other dogs

  14. CSmoCC

    true true, I own a therapy Pitbull X Staffy (2 of the 3 types that make the
    Pitbull Family the 3rd being the Am-Staff and if you really want to get
    into it some say there is a 4th type namely the Irish red and blue nose
    Pitbull Terrier often mis-labelled and American Pitbull. Also, I would love
    the privalige to own a Dogo they are my 2nd favourite domestic dog breed
    2nd to the Pitbull and 3rd is the Rottie for me. Sadly im in UK, here is
    illegal, but I only heard of 1 case of Dogo being seized.

  15. bolu45

    Great Dogs, good soundtrack

  16. Julia S

    The Dogo Argentino is not from the ‘Pit Bull’ family. Not even close.

  17. Hugh Dunnit

    What is with the Rap type music for this beautiful dog. Are you trying to
    promote the misuse of these animals like has happened with the Pit Bull? It
    is sad to see any insecure street punk with a Raiders T shirt parade around
    with a Pit Bull( not to mention Michael Vic) These Dogo’s are truly a
    beautiful animals. I would hate to see them get the same bad reputation and
    mistreatment as Pit Bulls. Dogs are truly one of the greatest gifts God has
    given us. Please respect the Dogo and all dogs

  18. Edu Vito

    amo a este perro

  19. bcboons

    This is an amazing breed. Love my dog

  20. MrPuebla79


  21. Joseph Rhodes

    Dude, you are on crack. I’ve owned 2 of these dogs and had NO problems what
    so ever. Upon what do you base your supposition other than ignorance? How
    are they part of the Pit Bull family if they have no Pit Bull in them? Do
    you know anything about this animal? I think not. If you do buy some
    anti-freeze I hope you decide to drink it yourself. Putz!

  22. bolu45

    Upper West – Run This Town

  23. Jay Simons

    Most ignorant comment ever, I hope you choke on your own spit you worthless
    piece of shit;) Oh and BY THE WAY….Pits are amazing creatures.. it is the
    owner of these dogs that make them aggressive. You sir, are an idiot. Go
    fuck yourself.

  24. Kostas Kosta

    oh, how I hate youtube VIDEOS showing only pictures…. it’s so pointless..

  25. tim howell

    Would a dogo argentino win in a fight with a pitbull ?