Ultimate Dog Shaming 2: Cute Dog Maymo & Puppy Penny


Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Ultimate Dog Shaming 2: Cute Dog Maymo & Puppy Penny”

  1. Eduardo Baptista


  2. Richard Waterman

    My beagle would do the after party thing. Why do they make those pet
    costumes? Poor dogs. 

  3. faiza khan

    How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a
    tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.

  4. Juan Sebastian Ramirez Bonnett

    I laughed so hard in the end!

  5. nay rod

    too funn.

  6. OtakuBeauty

    I have a bi-colour beagle and he got the exact same brown dot on his head

  7. Valerie Randall

    hahaha this made me laugh

  8. faiza khan
  9. Marie

    This made me laugh so hard. The last bit with their faces in the stuffed
    animals was great. 

  10. Keith Kemper

    I Like to start trouble lol

  11. Fluttershine

    1:40 Hahaha, what a fail!

  12. DanePsiq

    1:10 Lool

  13. Amanda C. Ackerson

    After watching this video, I realize how good of a girl Sookie really is!
    +Noble Ackerson 

  14. doyoulikepotatoes


  15. marilynn michaels

    I almost peed myself watching the last 20 seconds!!

  16. Andrea Radtke


  17. Dasia Brown

    Awwwww soo cute

  18. Angela Harris

    Omg….the penguins…

  19. Madeline Jefferies

    omg the ending is amazing! i can’t stop laughing!

  20. Tamara Wagner

    LMAO at making them wear the stuffed animals

  21. Melanie Diaz

    Omg this was amazing <3 

  22. Jeannine Marie

    This never gets old.

  23. germangirl6049

    I love all your dog videos! Both are hilarious :D

  24. Frank Lopez the cheap bastard


  25. Malinee T.

    LoveLy …..❤(●^o^●)